A Time for Change

I’ve gotten bored with all the writing I’ve been doing, especially blogging.

And when you feel stifled creatively, the best thing is change.

So I’ll be making some changes in my life this year. And for me, that’s Kind of a Big Deal!

I haven’t been big on change. But there’s a point where security crosses over into inertia.

I’m setting some new goals, which I’ll keep to myself.

I no longer feel the need to share about myself so much, which is why I’ve backed off blogging.  I’m not sure what the future of this blog is, only that it’s not exciting any longer. It feels more like a security blanket, threadbare. I won’t declare anything now, other than my focus is shifting.

But I’ve come to some wonderful epiphanies, some heartbreaking and some mundane. Others ecstatic!

If 31 was a time of answering questions, then 32 will be a time of decisions.

Growth. Embracing the uknown.


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