Sister Christina, My New Favorite Nun. Her Voice!!

She sings “Like a Virgin,” BETTER than Madonna.

She brings glory to the first, true Madonna: Our Lady.



Thrift Store Score!

After donating some clothes and boots I don’t wear any more at a local thrift store, I decided to peruse myself.

And since I still use a boombox with cassette tapes and have a car with a tape deck in it, I checked the tape selection.

I feel like I hit the FREE PARKING in Monopoly!

I left with these soundtracks and albums of nostalgic treasure:

1. ANNIE THE MOVIE– I squealed to myself when I spied this! Annie has been my favorite movie since 1982, and when I believe it’s the first movie I remember seeing as a toddler. I know every single word of every single song and listening to this makes me ridiculously happy. I still have the original vinyl record! I had the tape for years until a friend in college borrowed it and then broke it. She promised to buy me a CD to replace it, but never did. I was so mad at her, I’d had that tape my whole life! That was in 2000, and now I happened upon another Annie tape!

Annie makes excellent cleaning music. 🙂

2. Reality Bites Soundtrack– Another of my favorite movies, full of bad ass ’90s music!! Especially appropriate since in May I bought a “new” car, which I named Winona because I felt like Winona Ryder’s character  in the movie– who drives an old car and has a shag haircut. Now my shag haircut has grown out (FINALLY!!) but I still love this car, and will always love the character of Laney in this movie.  (Although I have also finally outgrown my “bad boy artist” phase of dating.)  At last! Now I can listen to the soundtrack of the movie which inspired my car’s identity, and the circle of joy is complete!

3. An Officer and a Gentleman Soundtrack– iconic ’80s romantic fluff, self-explanatory!

4. Go West Young Man, Michael W. Smith– Reminds me of my high school youth group days! It doesn’t have the one song I was really hoping to find on it, “Friends,” but it does have “A Place in this World.”  I remember a retreat I went to once, and “A Place in this World,” was the theme. Since I’ve been getting back into Catholicism lately, listening to some old-school Christian music seems just the right thing to do.

5. Like a Prayer single, Madonna– Again, with the Catholicism theme! I’ve grown up with this song, and it’s still awesome decades later. It’s also got a song called Act of Contrition on it, which I’ve never heard. Woo hoo!

It doesn’t take much to make me happy, just simple joys like this.