The Magic of 2016

My 2016 is off to an excellent beginning.

Yesterday I worked, stopped by a new friend’s NYE party, and then rang in Midnight with my parents. I got back in town at 11:37 pm..— just in time to watch the countdown.

And I was surprised by how happy I was to be with them, how comfortable it was. They got up out of their chairs and I convinced them to dance at midnight and take some pictures with me! I felt loved and blessed.

In 2015 I joined a gospel choir at my church, started running 5K’s and summoned up the courage to apply to and  land a new job! And I love the changes both have brought to my routine– the people I’ve met.

The stability of going to the same office with the same co-workers and the same clients every day gives me tremendous comfort. I know many resent the 9-5 office life, but I love it! After working so many jobs over the years with fluctuating schedules, different store locations, constant sales pressure and policy changes– this new job is a breath of fresh air.


I feel open and excited about the year to follow. And FINALLY, I have weekends and holidays off and a reliable job where I’m always done by 5. It truly was the perfect job at the perfect time for me. I didn’t have to force anything to make it happen and I’m always moving forward, taking on new responsibilities and adjusting.

In fact, this week I celebrated my six-month anniversary as an employee. I officially have job security!! I feel grounded in a new way.

And to me, that’s more exciting than if I was celebrating a relationship anniversary– because this celebration is all about what I’ve created for myself. It’s about a team of people who have stepped up and shown me that I’m a valued team member. I work in an office where we all genuinely enjoy not just our jobs, but working together.

My co-workers know they can rely on me, and I can rely on them. I was able to attend our company holiday party last month– it was swanky! I even got a black cocktail dress and heels. I attended solo and got to know my co-workers! And then danced all night. I felt very adult.

Even on days where it’s overwhelming or I feel tired, I never miss my previous job. I never question my decision to move on to where I am today. I never feel nostalgic for the simplicity of my previous job, in which I worked five years.

I imagine that’s how I’ll feel someday about my dating history: so at peace that I never think of the men who didn’t work out. But even without a current relationship, I’m starting to get there on my own.  I have made some major progress !

On my loneliest days, I don’t long for my exes. I can finally say that! I understand why it didn’t work and know that it wouldn’t have been different in another time or if circumstances changed.  I’m lucky that I had the chance to find closure with those relationships– some directly, and some by putting distance between myself and dating until I felt more centered

That time has been healing.

I don’t feel this need to be perfect anymore– for myself or anyone else.

Of course I’m always looking to learn and grow. I have dreams and goals.

But truly, I’m proud of who I am.

And that makes me happy.


Order My Steps

Mass today was, again, wonderful!

I woke up late but still made it on time. Thankfully I had my ensemble laid out before I went to bed.

I’ve only been in this choir less than a month, but already I’m feeling such a part of it!!

And I discovered a bonus— when it’s a little windy, choir robes keep you warm.

I feel so much more engaged with Mass. I never realized before how many songs we actually sing. It’s a hustle to keep up with them all, and I love it! I still need my book and sheet lyrics for most, but the other members assured me it took all of them awhile to get it, too.

Everyone is so welcoming and laid-back. So many smiles and laughter. But what’s most amazing is that they’re not cliquey. They greet me with the same warmth as they do other parishioners they’ve known for years.

I’m beginning to open up a little more each week. People are beginning to call me by name and I’m slowly learning theirs, too. That’s one reason I love that we have a small parish. It’s mostly the same people each week. That stability really does make a difference.

Our big song today was “Order My Steps,” by Glenn Burleigh.

And today I noticed people so into the music that they stood up, hands up in the air.

After the song ended, most of the parish gave applause!!

I’m including a video of a different choir– I don’t have any footage of us. But I love this song.

Singing to our Lord is my new favorite way to praise Him!