On Discipline

I’m getting a lot done lately, and I love the feeling of accomplishment.

Re-organizing and prioritizing.

I’m realizing that as much as I admire minimalists, I’ll never be one of them! Yes, I’m a sap.

A friend just pointed out to me that I’ve invested a lot in my books. Good point! I got rid of the ones I bought but accepted I would never read, or on topics I’ve already absorbed. Let someone else enjoy them. I have more space now. I kept my favorites, including some from childhood. Now I get to buy MORE! Mwahahaha!

I love it! I can’t believe I got rid of probably 85% of my movie collection. But CD’s are harder. They are attached to a time period in your life, memories and emotions. I’ve never used digital music. I have no files on my computer or songs on my iPhone. I am a decidedly old-fashioned lady when it comes to technology. I still love my cassette tapes. I even have a few vinyl records. I don’t listen to music often at home, but always blast it in my car. At home I enjoy silence or watching TV and movies.

Being single, I’ve learned to appreciate quiet. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable.

And I’ve made an executive decision to keep my writing. Some poems and things that aren’t relevant, I’ve shredded. But I have notes and papers I wrote in college. Old newspaper articles. Old school assignments, they are mostly in binders. They are a record of my life. They show how much I’ve grown. What I felt back then.

Those, I’m keeping.

But what I’ve learned through this purging is that when you dispose of useless things, you leave room for something better. Something ELSE that will bring you joy.

If it doesn’t bring you joy, why keep it? Pitch it.

As I de-clutter and purge, I’m feeling more relaxed in my own space.

Can’t complain.

I Will


Right now, I’m cleaning out and purging stuff. Today I got $7 for some DVD’s. I went to a local store that buys them used– everyone was so busy. Hustling. Isn’t that what we’re all doing? They told me most of my DVD’s were overstock, and one set (90210– the original!) was missing one DVD. I’m not sure I’ll find it. I went home and decided as much as I like movies, they take up a lot of space and there’s a lot I need to get done anyway so it’ll help to just not have them as a distraction. I kept 19 of them. I went back with another bag with most of my collection– but the store was closed. I’ll return tomorrow and hope to get some cash for them.

I also dropped off a bunch of VHS cassettes at Unique Thrift Store– I don’t even have a VCR anymore and it takes up a lot of space. To the Book Market I dropped off a bunch of books and didn’t ask for store credit– I just wanted to donate them.

I found a box full of CD cases. It has to go.

I just want to have less possessions and be unencumbered so I can move.