Running Milestone: Coldest Run Ever!

I just ran FOUR MILES in 20 degree weather! My phone actually froze and shut down.

It took two pair of running tights, two top base layers, a windbreaker,  wool socks, a gaiter, a lined hat and two pair of gloves. FINALLY, I layered successfully to accommodate my run plans.

I’m elated because twice last week I gave up on runs in warmer temps because of insufficient layers and a cruel wind. I didn’t even last a quarter mile and felt disappointed and frustrated with myself. But this morning, I was warm enough. Without feeling miserable, I was able to relax and just enjoy the run. I could even have conversations.

I’m getting smarter about running!

Today was also my second group run with the local running club I just joined. On both runs, we took a group photo!

Talk about solidarity! Though I’m hovering at a 15 minute mile, no less than four different people came back to check on me and make sure I was okay and didn’t get left behind. Two ran slightly ahead or would go forth and jog back, and the other two stayed by my side the whole time and adjusted their pace to mine. Even if I needed to walk. Both were what I needed at different times–space and camaraderie.

I’m starting to understand the true benefit of a run club. I’ve run with several friends at different races and our own accountability runs together, but until today, only two people have run WITH me the entire time.

Usually the more accomplished and faster the runner, the more pre-occupied they are with hitting their own goals and PR’s (personal records.)  All four people who ran with me today are veterans who can go a long distance. They are just generous people. They made sure that I knew they were *happy to be there with me– that my slow pace just made me a beginner, not a burden.

They all introduced themselves and wanted to get to know me, asking me about my running, etc. A few knew me by name. I felt so included! I didn’t finish the entire run because I have an appointment with my eye doctor this morning and don’t want to be late.

But I will finish the entire long run with the team one day. I will. Oh yes, I will.

Driving to our location this morning, the sunrise was on my left. I felt serene and awake.

Can’t wait till next Saturday!!

One run at a time, I’m changing my life.


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