Schaudenfruede at the Supermarket

Caught myself tonight  breaking my rule!

I was riveted by a tabloid at Jewel. I’m one of those shameless people who will pull up to an aisle that’s closed, park my cart and read whatever I want without buying it. (But I have bought an incriminating number of these babies in the past, I admit!)

Tabloids are one of my vices.

As I closed it and moved on to check-out in an available aisle, I realized my crime.

What was my point in reading it? There it was. Envy.

Envy and gossip connected, boom.

I read about the Kardashians, Ben and Jen’s impending divorce, I looked at a story analyzing Madonna’s obsession with plastic surgery.

Fame is not what I want. Money, however, yeah. I envy that. What regular person doesn’t?

However, I *never envy the problems that come with that level of money. The exposure.

Did I feel a little self-righteous after seeing that these successful people have struggles just like regular people? Yeah, I did. Truthfully, they probably envy the simplicity of their former lives– when they could shop in peace. When they had quiet moments of anonymity, small moments like I enjoyed tonight.

I am thankful for the privacy of being a regular person.

Good for them, for finding a way to market their skills and become wealthy for it. Good for them for braving marriages and relationships when the entire world is literally analyzing their every outfit, date, and ordinary errand. They deal with much more stress than I anticipate ever having in my life. And they carry on working and living and parenting.

I am swearing off tabloids for the remainder of Lent.








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