Peace at the the Dinner Table

Tonight I ran the 1.27 miles to my parents’ home, since my Dad invited me to dinner. I took a rest day last night so wanted to get going again. He promised to drive me home.

I achieved something interesting: shaving at least four minutes off my typical time. It was so cold that I stuffed my phone in my jacket pocket and didn’t have time to check my mileage or mess with the songs playing. I could only think to keep moving, to warm myself up and get there faster. And I just let GO. I felt very grounded in the moment and mindful.

I just enjoyed the hustle.

As we ate the Chinese food my Dad had picked up, Diane asked some great questions. And I learned that she’s much more liberal and open-minded than I would have ever guessed.

And she nonchalantly commented about how I’m doing well, I’ve made good choices. We had some great discussions about current affairs and how we feel about them. With respect! We laughed and talked about our plans as a family for this year, goals we all have.

And I felt this sudden, deep peace.

I often worry about their age and health, being in their mid-70’s.  But when my Dad spilled some food on his sleeve, Diane joked, “I can’t wait to see him at 85.”

That gave me a deep sense of relief. She, his wife, isn’t worried about his health.

I realized that things really are okay, with all of us. That what I feel is truly anxiety– that there’s no basis for me to worry as much as I do about their health and how much time may be left with them.

That maybe, just maybe, God really IS looking out for us. As individuals, and as a family.

Things are only getting better, and tonight I’ll sleep like a young child.  Thank you, Lord.





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