Winter Running + Country Music = Heaven

Yesterday was my first run since late October. I made it 3.26 miles!

Usually when I go a while between runs, I try to start out softer, with just a mile or two.

Creating a Pinterest board for running inspiration actually motivated me! Silly to admit. The more I pinned, the more I believed I could. And yes, missed it. I typically take the season off.

Yesterday it was 55 degrees and I knew I had to go for it.  My last race was the Hot Chocolate on October 30 in Chicago. I don’t have any planned yet for 2017.

Today I felt a MAJOR burn in my thighs– not a place I usually have pain after a run. Usually my calves or heels. And instead of taking the day off to recover, I decided to get out there again and go with it.

And I loved myself for that decision! Especially since today it was 10 degrees colder. Another reason I haven’t run this winter is that I was getting sick a lot– it didn’t seem worth the exposure. But I’ve been healthy for awhile now without any colds, so I felt confident.

And you know what I discovered? It wasn’t so bad. It was empowering. Cathartic.

I could feel my muscles working in a new, different way than I do when it’s warmer.

Today I only made it a mile before my phone died and I probably had .25 miles to go before I made it back to my car and finished. I’m stubborn in that I want my runs memorialized on my Nike Running app.

Yesterday I put on my Chris Stapleton Pandora station, and was amazed by the cathartic power of country music to keep me going.  Suffering is a major theme in most genres of music but something about country makes it particularly inspiring when you are trying to overcome the protest of your body whilst running.

I’ve been avoiding Mass lately, not sure why. I still enjoy it when I go, but have been choosing to sleep in, even if I’m not that tired.

Maybe for awhile I should try making running my routine. It’ll get me out of bed earlier!

Maybe a little self-care for me this Valentine’s Day will be new running clothes?

Proper layers will allow me more freedom. And I’ll make sure my phone is charged!


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