The Demon Baby of Oak Street

“That’s a good one!”

As I pulled into a parking spot last night for work, the driver of the van parked next to me said this in reaction to my Halloween mask. The facility is on Oak Street.

Clearly, driving in it was the right decision. I had another encounter en route: a family in the lane next to me noticed my latex “Happy Baby” mask and couldn’t stop laughing.

Quietly,  I was rejoicing. It was working already!

I went in and found my co-workers and together we walked to our assigned spot in the woods. Everyone had masks, except for a few people.

This is actually my first year wearing a mask– I’ve never gotten the appeal. I thought they were a waste of money or just plain lazy.

A co-worker, Cindy, and I work together in the office up front. We work in a day treatment facility for adults with disabilities. I wasn’t excited this year about dressing up but on Thursday we met up at a Halloween store on our lunch break to find something together. I had to make a stop first so only arrived with enough time to buy the mask and aprons she’d picked out for us. But I quickly realized the mask fit too close for me to wear glasses.

So Thursday night I went back and exchanged it for this large latex baby head.

I had a blast with my co-workers, marveling at their costumes! All so creative.

My mask took my costume to the next level. NOW I get the appeal!

But the best moment of the night– the big pay-off!– happened at the end.

On my way out I saw some clients inside– put on my mask, and popped in to say hello.

They outright screamed– with laughter.

“What are you anyway, a demon baby?”

Officially, I was a Portillo’s drive-thru worker. (Our theme was fast food characters/staff) A friend of mine who worked there leant me her neon orange knit hat with the logo on it.

A few times I thought I’d lost it in the forest, but it was quickly recovered.

Every year I dress up I have to laugh at the vastly different interpretations. This wins!

Demon baby. Sure, we’ll go with that.


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