Not a Praying Man

That’s what he said, the man I called. Ahhh, Super Tuesday.

“I pray every day– and I’m *not a praying man- that Bernie wins.”

Tonight’s shift was monotonous. Leaving messages– I maybe talked to three people.

But one of my first calls was this man– and it reminded me of why I’m doing this.

He was so excited to participate in a live call for the campaign! I had called to ask about signing up for a volunteer shift this weekend. He’s busy but I asked if I could leave some info for his wife about a Women for Bernie phone bank locally tomorrow and he was eager to take a message. He said she probably would want to go!

Each phone bank shift is so different. Last night I called an older gentleman and asked if we could count on his vote for Senator Sanders on March 15 in the Illinois Primary.

“Absolutely not!!” I asked if he was leaning towards Clinton?

“I feel sorry for you,” he told me.

“Okay sir, you’re not a Democrat. Just glad you’re voting!”

I had to laugh. Those strong personalities make for great stories.

But I’ll keep on calling, like a good soldier. Bernie is working at full steam, and so will I.


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