The Same Moon

I just went outside to check out the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse….

and met a new neighbor.

“Are you out here to see the same thing I am?” an older woman asked me. She lives in the building next door.

And I did something usually foreign to me.

I befriended a neighbor. Her name is Peggy and she said I’m welcome anytime. She’s very grateful for her new place and I told her the neighborhood is great, which it is!!

She kept using my name and she just seemed so genuinely happy and friendly.

Typically, I’m just uninterested in my neighbors– even inside the building. Sounds bitchy, but that’s me.

Takes me awhile to warm up to people. I just usually hate small talk.

But as we talked, we interrupted the conversation to just gaze at the moon.

It was just so beautiful. The clouds were flirtatious– gliding away and then covering up.

Because of that moon, I made a new friend.

We probably chatted 20 minutes.

I said goodbye because I had left the back door open, only intending on a couple minutes max.

I had to walk to the end of the driveway because the moon was hiding–not visible from the back yard.

What was YOUR moon experience like tonight??

Reminded me of one of my favorite movies, “Moonstruck,” with Cher and Nic Cage.

Was that Cosmo’s Moon tonight??

I think so.


2 comments on “The Same Moon

  1. I sat outside and spent some quality time with my daughter. It was nice that something was important enough to make us stop doing the usual ” what we think we need to do” and take time to just be out in nature. If only there were more nights like this one 😉

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