A Coloring Party!

Tonight I attended my first coloring party!

I told my Dad about it and he asked, “What’s the point?”

“To relax,” I said.

As I was driving home I realized that was exactly the point. My friend Daisy had mentioned this and I jumped at the invite.

There were six of us total at Daisy’s table. I hadn’t met the other ladies prior.

All of us brought our own coloring books and coloring materials– crayons, colored pencils, markers, sparkly gel pens.

At work I had mentioned my evening plans tonight to a male co-worker.

“Adult coloring books are a thing now,” I said.

“ADULT coloring books? What kind of pictures *are* they?” he teased.

“Shut up,” I laughed.

What’s the difference between regular (kids) coloring books and those for grown-ups? The adult patterns are more intricate– lots of swirls and opportunities to really have fun with your imagination. They would take the average adult probably more than one sitting to complete.

Kids’ designs are simple and can be done quickly.

I had three kids’ coloring books given to me by a friend when I was in the hospital a few years ago: Lisa Frank being my favorite!!

My favorite “grown-up” design book has a faeries theme.

The ladies chattered a bit.

But mostly, we all just sat quietly and became absorbed in completing our pictures.

No pressure to talk. Rather, artistic freedom in community.

Daisy’s two dogs were underneath the table, whipping us with their tails and demanding to be petted.

One is a Chinese-crested and the other is a Pitt mix.

Her Pandora station provided the soundtrack.

When Bon Jovi came on, all of us sang under our breaths,

“Take my hand, we’ll make it I sweeeeeeearrr…”

“That’s what Bon Jovi does to you!” I said.

At 9 we packed up and returned to our lives.

We had tea and nuts and pretzel bites.

I am so hooked on coloring with friends.


4 comments on “A Coloring Party!

  1. BabyFred says:

    Such a wonderful night! I’m so glad you came!

  2. I have a coloring book too! I’m so glad you went! Wish I could have joined!!

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