Adventures in Filing: My New Office Life!

Today it’s been one month since I started my new job as a clerical receptionist for a non-profit.

Turns out the combination of routine and variety is the perfect fit for me.

It’s given a stability to my life that was instantly a relief. I sleep deeper and easier now. Earlier.

Awake, I’m calmer.

I have a professional job with a reputable local company. It took skill and experience to land this gig.

I don’t dread being asked what I do or where I work anymore. In fact, I enjoy bringing it up.

Knowing that I secured this job entirely on my own merit makes me feel incredible and competent. My last job, a friend recommended me. But I found this ad online and quickly landed an interview because I wrote a great cover letter and believed in myself. I interviewed twice.

This company has high standards and has made an investment in me. I feel optimistic and secure.

I work for a company in line with my own values if social justice. I haven’t felt this at home since I was reporter, exactly 10 years ago.

I love going to the same office every day, seeing the same co-workers and the same clients.

I love getting dressed up everyday  except Friday, when we can wear jeans. I love toting my briefcase in.

I love having tasks that also get me out of the office too. I love the freedom!

I love that I play a vital role in so many small ways: answering the phone, relaying messages, connecting phone calls, printing out forms, emailing, helping clients sign in. Answering questions. Data entry, making reports and of course, filing.

I actually find filing to be relaxing. I get to have a little quiet time and stand up if I want a break from sitting. The repetitive nature of it lets me relax my mind and focus on a simple task.

I love that on my lunch hour I can pay bills or run errands.

I love that a co-worker’s healthy eating habits are a good influence on me.

I also feel more connected to my parents, as they are both professionals who thrived in corporate life.

My step-mother was an executive secretary for 30 years and retired well. She feels pride that I’m emulating her career path. I’m happy that this life is such a natural fit for me. As opposites in many ways, now we have something substantial in common again.

And this job is legit. After my trial period is over I can look forward to benefits, PTO, and the other trappings of working for  an established, thriving company.


Best of all? I have WEEKENDS FREE now!!

After five years of working weekends and holidays, it’s such a blessing.

I can make long-term plans!!! And really, it’s like I’ve gained Fridays back because before I always worked all day Saturday, so I couldn’t go out Friday nights.

I am blessed beyond measure. Overflowing with gratitude.

Thank you, Lord, for this new job.


2 comments on “Adventures in Filing: My New Office Life!

  1. You are vital, you are awesome! I’m so glad you love it!!

  2. I do, I do, I do!! Thanks for your support! ❤

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