Graveyard Run: Epic FAIL!

Not every run is a good ‘un, as I learned the hard way tonight!

I was excited to try this new running/game app, “Run, Zombies!” A co-worker told me about it and it sounded so novel and Halloweeny, I thought I’d be obsessed.

Even more, I thought the most fun way to test it out would be to make the setting appropriate: a local graveyard. No, I didn’t go at night– I don’t need any broken bones tripping over a headstone.

It was my fault for :

A.) Dressing too warmly, with a light hoodie.

B.) NOT applying the OFF! first.

Hilarious that I’ve successfully run several times through woodsy areas at several times of day/night without any bites– but tonight I was getting dive-bombed by those little blood-sucking fliers.

I just showed up at cemetery nearby and decided to park my car, then walk the the side and run the perimeter. I turned on the app/game and suddenly there was a British voice narrating in my ear. I didn’t select any music.

It was fun, but also a a bit boring. Once I heard there were “zoms”– slang for zombies– chasingbloo me, but nothing happened. I’m not sure if they got me or if they just backed off quickly, but it wasn’t the drama I had hoped to motivate me to run faster.

I did run through some of the graves.

Strangely, I came upon the headstone of the mother of a former friend, with whom I’ve lost touch for a few years now. All the time I knew her, I’d never been to see it. I recognized her father’s name first. I knelt down and said a little prayer to her, and for her daughter and family.

But I was a total wimp in other regards. I didn’t even last a full mile– I was about .75 when I checked.  I was too hot and didn’t have a t-shirt underneath.  The skeeters were awful.

I headed home.

I’ll try it again! But with better planning.

Not sure if this game will grow on me, or if it’s too confusing for me to enjoy.

This is absolutely the worst run I’ve had, and the first that I just got NOTHING out of!

Any advice for me? With all the reviews this app has gotten, I’m sure there are some devoted fans of “Zombies, Run!”

I thought of my friend Amanda, now passed. She WAS obsessed with zombies. She would have loved this game. She would have been the perfect person to call and describe this misadventure to.

Tonight I learned I need to pay more attention to weather or at least dress in layers, and NEVER underestimate the need for bug spray.

I want to take another stab at this app! Maybe in another graveyard.


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