First Post-5K Run: Fall Down, Get Up

I ended up sleeping in today and missing Mass, because my legs were so sore. And maybe because my first 5K took more out of me than I was anticipating, truthfully.

I’m not sure why, because I’ve run farther than yesterday several times now. But I only had one other run that fast– and after that I waited probably three days to run.

What I’m experiencing is “the burn,” as I take it. It’s a sign that I did things right!

But this afternoon I redeemed myself by going for a run in a new place. I didn’t know the trail– I just felt like trying it.

I found a shadowy arch of trees covering a gravel trail. And I took a chance.

And for extra excitement, I DID NOT spritz on my OFF! Living dangerous, people.

The trail was small, maybe a foot across? Or less.

And the weather was perfect– circa 75 degrees, overcast.

Meandering through the foliage was such an adventure! I was stepping through and over all kinds of plants and roots. I had the vague feeling I had been there many years ago, as a Girl Scout. I never made it past the rank of Brownie, because my troop didn’t have a leader and disbanded. I never picked it up again.

Twice, I tripped and went down. My first time! I ended up with a few little scrapes on my knees and thigh– luckily nothing else.

But both times I just got right back up and kept going.

“THIS is running,” I told myself. And I was convinced in that moment that indeed, my early hunch was right on: I am a sucker for trail running.

The best surprise was that my inner compass has advanced– I never got lost or panicked.  If I wasn’t sure, I was able to just slow down for a moment and be logical. Then I’d make a decision and proceed. I followed it pretty far through several places where it branched off and was able to remember and have the confidence to keep going.

I felt both safe and challenged.

Dirt, rocks, roots. I love it.

Near the end, it started spitting! As I’ve said before, that’s an expression my Grandma used for light rain. It was the perfect balance to the humidity. I smiled to myself.

All this lush life surrounding me was magical– I felt like the White Rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland,” scurrying around.

Except I wasn’t late for anything– I had nowhere else to be. It was perfect.

So instead of skipping a run today, I got back out there.

I hope to get to the point where running an entire 5K will be a no-brainer for me.

But one run at a time, one trail at a time, I’m gaining confidence and endurance.


2 comments on “First Post-5K Run: Fall Down, Get Up

  1. You’re blooming in confidence all over!!

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