The Only Way Up a Hill

is to run.

Sure, you could walk.

But tonight when I went for a run, there was something magical about gunning up as fast as I could.  I felt strong and young and free– and I didn’t have a time limit or someplace to go.

In three months, I haven’t had any blisters or blackened toenails. Partially because I have yet to break serious mileage but also because I invested in good shoes upfront.

But man, the exhilaration! I ran up and down and across–

a big hill, a bridge, a small foothill.

Repetition. I was my own coach!

I was shocked how much I enjoyed it– especially on the wooden bridge crossing the river. Hearing myself pound those boards, the feel of the wood giving beneath my feet– yet knowing I’m totally safe.

Tonight I let myself deviate a bit from routine.

I loved the drill of it, seeing people out with their kids and dogs. I loved being one of those people just out enjoying nature, passing the other runners and bikers. There’s an unspoken kinship.

If I’m slowing down to walk, seeing another runner lights a fire under me to get back to work.

I’m in all my neon running gear, totally clashing.

I’m listening to ’80s pop on Pandora, singing along as I go.

I could just imagine Dexy’s Midnight Runners crooning instead,

“Come on A-MEE, oh,

I swear what he means, (what he means,)

at this moooooo-ment,

you mean everything…”

Or, bless them, Heart:

“How do I geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet you ALLLLLLLLOOOOONE? A-looooooooooooooone…

I’m chasing that famous runner’s high. And it seems to kick in around 2.5 miles for me– I feel like I could just keep going, if only I let myself. By then I’m sweating something glorious, my heart is banging, my breathing has evened out– my legs and feet don’t hurt at all.

Tonight I made it 3.46 miles in 47.16 minutes.

I’mma get there!

Five miles. It’s gonna happen before summer is over.


3 comments on “The Only Way Up a Hill

  1. Richard Curl says:

    Right on, Amee! Keep going!!

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