Back in the Couscous Tank

That’s where my phone is, again!

(A Tupperware container in which my phone is immersed, with hopes of restoring full function.)  It’s couscous because I don’t have rice–but I like this better. It worked last time!

*update: sound restored! Couscous tank worked again.

So what happened?

1. An errant water squeeze landed near the mic on my phone, rendering it silent. During Journey’s “Who’s Crying Now?”– how perfect. This happened around a mile.

I was using my new water bottle hand thingy, which was comfortably strapped on my left hand. I wonder if I should get another one for my right hand, just for a little resistance and to even it out? Does anyone do this?

2. Boob Sweat! It’s no one’s friend. I’ve been stashing my phone in my sports bra so I could hear my Pandora and the directives of my Nike Running app, which motivate me with updates on how close I am to meeting my goal. That’s over.

I have a stretchy neon yellow fanny pack that will include my phone but the downside is it’s far away and hard to hear.

Then just as I was reaching the end of the trail and the road that would soon carry me back to freedom, I was devastated to realize my phone had stopped tracking at that first mile when the water squeeze happened. I had paused to inspect it and never “resumed” the run.  I then resumed it but it only counted . 22 miles from there till I reached my car.

BUT I AM PROUD OF MYSELF! And here’s why:

I didn’t let that moment of technological misfire ruin my run. I briefly was angry, but then turned around and kept going.

I didn’t walk– but kept running. I knew my run had value beyond what I could track and claim credit for in mileage.

And thankfully, at least m GPS kept working. It tracked my entire run on a map. I’m estimating I was at least 3 miles.

This morning I tried a new trail and allowed myself to follow it and get a little lost. Thankfully I don’t work till this afternoon so there was no hurry.

I got up, had a few quaffs of Gatorade, and got on my way this morning! I will cook myself an omlette shortly.

I cannot GET OVER how much energy I have!!

Running is proving to be superior to coffee in waking me up!

Now for some lemon water and I’ll start my to-do list for the day!


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