The Transition (From Night to Morning Runner!)

Next Saturday, Aug. 8, I will run my FIRST 5K!!

It’s local and in memory of a friend. Perfect.

To prepare, I stopped running at night. Because no matter how many miles I’ve run, it’s still going to be a shock to my system to suddenly be pushing myself at 8 a.m. if I’m used to running at 9 p.m. or later. I would probably be tired and not perform well.

Yesterday I got out in the heat mid-afternoon and mostly walked. But I was glad to be out there– it’s so different than night running. Although there have been some hot ones, it’s usually cooled down and the humidity isn’t as bad. Mid-day is a totally different ballgame. I was really slogging along, I felt dehydrated.

I also seem to run better solo for now. Once my mileage is consistent and my confidence higher, I’d be open to running with a partner again. Other running friends are suggesting going for a fun and I like the idea! I’m open to possibility.

Flexibility. But the only set schedule I want to commit to right now is my own.

Today I got up earlier with the purpose of a morning run. And I was a success!

I only planned on running 2.5 miles, but it became 4.83!! I was shocked when my Nike Running app announced that I had met my goal already– I was so in the zone I’d forgotten about it!

It’s also truly remarkable how much more energized (and faster!) I was this morning. I tried a new place– intent on rewarding myself with a donut. So I parked there and picked up a trail that had a good hill and some twists and a lot of beautiful grass and flowers and wildlife flitting around.

I was having so much fun I forgot to be worried. Today I wasn’t concerned about how fast, how far, how much more I had to go, and especially not water. I had gotten a hand-held mini-bottle. And it really didn’t bother me at all.

What I notice is that I become immediately and exponentially bored with a flat stretch of sidewalk or road ahead of me, but I love trails and windy roads and hills. When I can see the whole distance ahead of me all I can think is how FAR that looks– it makes me intimidated and slows me down. Maybe I can overcome that with time, but for now I’m trying to switch it up and choose more variable routes that will be fun.

I’m slowly building my runner’s wardrobe and accessories. I now have a hat and a visor to help block the sun, since I don’t have the prescription sunglasses I need. Dressing the part really helps.

The 5K course is listed online and I plan to run it twice before the race, so I know where I’m going.

I want to give myself every advantage. I’m having so much fun imagining all the people I’ll be running with!

Who might I see? Who might I meet?

How fast,

how fast,

may I carry

my feet?

YES!! Today I broke all my previous records– it was both my longest and fastest run yet.


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