Runner’s Envy

I saw an older man jogging in my neighborhood today.

Totally jealous!

He looked like I feel when I’m running: slogging along, focused.

Not fast.

Six days till I will get back at it, per doctor’s orders.

I’m probably being a little overly-cautious, but that’s okay.

This little reprieve is reminding me just how quickly I’ve come to love this sport.

I claim running.

I haven’t been an athlete since high school. Hilariously, I tried and failed with cross-country my freshman year.


My lungs— I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t find a pace.

I couldn’t keep up with my team— I was several blocks behind. My coach told me to just circle the quad in front of school four times. I ran one race, placed dead-last, and that was it. I tried out for a play, made it, and quit with glee!

Nearly 20 years later, I can run a mile better than I did at 15.

Pretty awesome.

The bonus of being a late bloomer is you’ve got nowhere to go but up!!


2 comments on “Runner’s Envy

  1. You’ve hit your stride!

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