A Little Fall of Rain and Van Halen

Feeling amazing!

As my grandmother would say, it’s spitting outside. A gentle shower– but not full rain. I knew this when I decided to run– I thought it would be refreshing. I was right!

(And yes, to those musical geeks, the headline is a reference to Les Mis! Like Eponine, I’m single– but thankfully not dying in the streets. Just feeling a bit dreamy. Hee!)

As I got started, I set my Pandora for ’80s rock– because what better motivation? Tonight was the first time I ran alone with music, also. No wonder everyone does it– it really does take your mind off the exertion and gives you a mental push to relax and enjoy it.

“It’s got what it takes, so tell me why can’t this be love?”

The Van Halen lyrics pounded in my right ear– and I was blissed out.

I realized, this IS love. Right now, this is self-love.

This act of choosing fitness, of adhering to a schedule.

Of running on my off-day. Yesterday my legs were killing me, but after a great sleep today I felt fine.

This is me taking care of myself, strengthening myself with each step.

My goal was 1.5 miles and I just kept going– it felt wonderful. And for the first time I hit 2 miles alone!!

My time was 24:09.

I felt a groove just then. I had this wonderful feeling that yes, I’ll run a 5k. That yes, I’m improving!

When I finished up at 2.32 miles once I reached my car where I had parked it, my calves felt like iron.

But in a GOOD way.

The last song was “Blaze of Glory,” by Bon Jovi.


6 comments on “A Little Fall of Rain and Van Halen

  1. Once again, you’re amazing!!

  2. Richard Curl says:

    Way to go, Amee! Keep it up! 🙂

  3. John C. says:

    ’80s Rock – love this & you! 😉



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