Happy National Running Day!

Today I woke up to see a friend had posted “Happy National Running Day!” on my Facebook.

What a delightful surprise! I didn’t even know this holiday existed.

It’s a tremendous validation to be associated with the sport of running in such a short time.

And all day, I looked forward to my run tonight with Eleise. I picked her up and drove to a different place we’d agreed upon earlier, and having a totally different course was great for us both. And tonight we both really pushed ourselves and each other– we ran two full miles! We barely walked five minutes. Since we ran on an incline up, we had to work harder.

I find that I get bored running on sidewalks but if it’s a trail or a hill or street with some curvature, I have more stamina.

Every time, I feel myself adjusting. I’m breathing easier. No pain today in my side or my calves.

I’m building up endurance!

We took some post-run selfies and then alternated planking with a timer.

I’m becoming one of those people who really finds release in physical exercise.

There’s something unique about taking your stress out that way that’s so cathartic.

Goodnight, my lovely readers and fellow runners!!


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