An Errand, a Run and a Rainbow– In Chicago

Today I had an errand in Chicago, off Belmont Ave.

I stopped to gas up and got some Gatorade and a banana.

Took 2.5 hours of traffic to make it– I got there with 15 minutes to spare!

I had dressed in running clothes hoping I could squeeze in a run– the day was gorgeous. Traveling north up Lake Shore Drive, I enjoyed seeing all the runners. The traffic was horrid, but the sight of all those people calmed me. I felt connected to them. And most, I noticed, were running solo. Some people biking, some riding Segways.

One day, I want to run on Lake Shore Drive. But that’ll be another adventure! That would take some planning.

I parked next to a meter and paid for two hours. The errand just took a few minutes. And then I turned on my Nike running app, set it for 2.5 miles, and off I went!

This was my first complete run on concrete sidewalk. But soon I loved it– getting around all the people on the sidewalk was like an instant obstacle course. And there were so many others running– and the wind was fantastic!

I started with my phone in my pouch but soon took it out to monitor my progress. It was easy to hold it and seeing the numbers change kept me going. I still had to slow down and walk a few times. I haven’t yet run for an entire 30 minutes uninterrupted, but I’m working on it slowly!

There was something invigorating about being in midst of so many other fitness-minded people. I can only imagine what a buzz it would be to do a 5k, a mud obstacle course, or a marathon!!

As I ran, I loved the knowledge that I looked like just another Chicago runner– no one would know I’m a suburban gal. I had called up a city friend to see if she wanted to meet up, and was surprised that I could answer a phone call whilst running. Of course I slowed down to talk and my run paused. She was overworked after a long day and we decided another time would be best.

I passed by places I’ve been in the city and smiled at the memory. Again, sweating was glorious.

I started near Belmont and Clark and ran to Ashland and then back as far as Roscoe.

I almost stopped in a few restaurants to refuel, but wanted to finish my 2.5 miles first. And I did!

It said that was my fastest mile yet. God bless technology!!

Then I celebrated at a place called Yoshi’s Cafe, on Halsted Street. Right where my 2.5 miles ended.

I was initially outside, but then it began misting a bit of rain. They moved me inside.

Watching the sidewalk, a boy walking with his father and younger brother stopped and pointed:

My server along with one of the owners came outside to admire it. Everyone there was kind and smiling.

I had asked the server to bring the check with my meal, because I had to eat fast to make it back to my parking spot on time. Also, dark was falling. She did, I tipped her well, and I made it back 15 minutes early.

A perfect spring eve in Chicago.

I still can’t believe I don’t have any leg cramps and my feet don’t hurt!

My life is pretty fantastic right now. I’m in a choir at church, I’ve got a friend to run with, and I’m learning to even discipline myself enough to not just run on my off-days, but enjoy it.

I feel young and healthy and excited to see what’s next!


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