Goodbye, Excuses!!

Just got back from my first synced-up run with Eleise, week 2!!

We are getting better.

Tonight I really felt like I was on my game, because I downloaded a Nike app to sync up with Eleise, who also has it. We mostly figured it out, and I loved that it tracked our progress and even motivates us!

Tonight it was hot but I just spritzed ample OFF! And we ran as scheduled. And for the first time, I really broke a sweat! And we changed up our route– thus far, we make small changes each time.

Tonight we ran on concrete, asphalt, grass, a trail– and it just got easier.

She’s the music supply on her phone, always ’80s. We were both cracking up when “Thriller,” came on just as we were about hit a trail through some woods.

I’ve come so far since I first tried running, two years ago this spring. The main problems I had were that I had no place to store my keys and phone whilst running, and thus used a purse I could sling over my shoulder. It was light so it worked fine but it was still kind of annoying and bulky.

Now I have this neato stretchy zippered belt contraption, which houses my keys, phone, and cash or ID if I need. It’s adjustable and once I close it up, I forget about it. It doesn’t get in my way, I can’t even feel it! Amazing.

Also, last time I had no way to track my progress. Without some type of app or device measuring my results, I quickly lost motivation.

Now I have both an accountability partner in Eleise AND and new app to coordinate!!

We’re also catching up and just plain having FUN! We’re motivated, but not competitive.

YET. I’m sure that day will arrive!

She’s talking about doing a 5k. I threw up an automatic wall at first because it just seemed like too much– but I like that she’s always thinking ahead and looking to set goals. I’m considering it!

Tonight we ran 3.14 miles, though did walk a bit of it. But baby steps, right?!

We had a blast tagging each other on Facebook in our runs and even took a post-run selfie— mind you, in the the pitch dark! I turned the flashlight on my phone, and she took it with hers.

THIS IS SO FUN. I know I’m going to sleep great tonight!

Also, I noticed I wasn’t getting winded tonight. Already, my breathing is getting better.

I walked 4.1 miles yesterday and my legs weren’t even sore!

I’m going to learn all about this sport and how to get in the best shape and health of my life.


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