Cinderella’s New Shoes

Today I felt like Cinderella.

But it was better than going to a ball in some fragile glass slippers.

And way better than trying to impress some prince.

Today, I bought my own magic shoes. No time limit!

I decided to invest in a new pair of running shoes, buying from an excellent store specializing in just that.

The store staff asked me to walk, and he watched my feet. Then he analyzed the way I walk and said he’d return with shoes meeting my needs and we’d proceed by process of elimination.

My feet were also measured–it’d been so long since I did that!

He must have returned with 10 different boxes.

I tried them all, and then asked to see Adidas. I assumed I’d leave with my go-to brand.

But in the end, I chose Nike.

I love the way they fit–plenty of room in the toe box, still snug in the heel. Great arch inside.

And they LOOK wicked! Plus, I was happily surprised how affordable they were. Less than I expected to pay.

I got a couple of other things to make my runs easier– a little stretchy belt pouch for my keys/phone. A book about getting started for beginners.

As I was ringing up, the cashier smiled and said, “You’ll be successful.” Why don’t ALL cashiers just close sales that way?? Positive reinforcement like that would work on me every time.

Hell, maybe I’LL start using that at work. I’m in sales.

But the best part was when I got home and laced ’em up for the first time.

I just meant to go on a quick run, but it ended up being a long walk.

I started in my neighborhood and kept going.

I ended up walking 4.1 miles– double what I’d run at one stretch this week.

I tried to download the Nike Running app my running partner is using, but apparently my IOS is outdated. So I estimated by plugging in the address with Google maps instead. Not a bad improvisation!

So I didn’t run, but I did break those shoes in.

And while I was walking, I didn’t feel worried about anything.

I just felt free. Hopeful.


This is the beginning of something new and good in my life, I can feel it.

It’s not about finding a prince, or a fairy godmother.

It’s about learning to run in my own– safe, durable– shoes.

It’s about writing my own ending and pushing myself to grow.


4 comments on “Cinderella’s New Shoes

  1. segmation says:

    Have you seen the new Cinderella movie? Cinderella’s Hand Painted Wedding Gown is a Work of Art!

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