Not Yet (Keep Running)

“Don’t give up on yourself yet, Amee,” Eleise said.

I am so lucky to have a running partner who is a natural motivator.

“You’re doing great!” she told me.

I respond best to positive reinforcement. She is awesome at reassuring me when I start to wimp out!

I still need to learn how to breathe. I’ve been taking little shallow breaths. She told me to try and take deeper, longer breaths. I’m learning.

And it appears that ’80s music is the perfect soundtrack. It’s just random– the synthesizers!

Tonight Phil Collins helped us get started. We took a different route, too.

“In the Air Tonight,” jived well because there was a chill in the air. I wore a pull-over.

When we were almost done in the final stretch, she showed me her phone– tracking our progress. She told me how far we had to go until the numbers changed. Watching helped me keep going.

We ran two miles again!

And did some more stretching afterword, though this time I brought my yoga mat so my spine wasn’t directly on the concrete driveway.

I felt some sort of burn that seemed to be at the top of my ribs, near my heart? Between.

Did some sit-ups and squats!

Yesterday I walked by myself for a little while, today I made sure to hydrate and drank water and tea through the day. It’s helping.

I like this little new routine.


2 comments on “Not Yet (Keep Running)

  1. Don’t stop believin’ ๐Ÿ˜„

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