Runnin’ On a Prayer

Just got home from an impromptu run with my friend Eleise.

I feel fantastic.

Luckily she’s a teacher– and has a great combo of motivation and encouragement. She tracked our run on her phone and helped me learn how to breathe and keep pushing. I am SUCH a beginner!!

She also had some music going– that had us laughing when we weren’t gasping for air.

There’s something so tranquil about running at night. When “Livin’ On a Prayer,” came up, I quipped, “Bon Jovi will get us through it!”

It also is perfect because we both have a deep faith, though of different denominations.

At our half-way mark, she yelled out, “We’re half way there!”

Running, Bon Jovi, and a few prayers were just what we needed tonight. It was fun to just spend some time with her too, doing something simple.

After we made it back to her house, we did some stretches and exercises. Squats, sit-ups, lunges. Laying on her long concrete drive-way, we had the perfect view of the stars.

This is the best Saturday night I’ve had in months! Going for a run was so much better than a party or even seeing a band. I’m at the time in my life where I enjoy the small things the most. Not to say I’ll never see another band– but building my own routine is my first interest right now. Getting healthier.

We both verbalized that we’re not motivated enough to do this alone, so we’re committing to a schedule.

Three times a week! Let’s do this.


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