Lent 2015: Food and Vulnerability

Usually, I’m great about being disciplined.

If I know I need to do something for concrete reasons I will. I was raised that way.

But with giving up cheese, I’ve learned that food is apparently my soft spot.

How am I able to be so good at abstaining from other, much more difficult things, but incapable of adhering to a life without cheese for even 40 days?!!

Abstaining from cheese is really not that inconvenient. It’s an extremely common ingredient, yes, but pretty easy to separate by request.

Alas, I’ve still had two little slips.

I won’t detail them here– I just want to be honest.

But I WILL be good for the remainder. This is the home stretch!

What are YOU struggling with right now– be it for Lent, or your own good?


2 comments on “Lent 2015: Food and Vulnerability

  1. Richard Sullivan says:

    It’s the last stretch, I think this is the most difficult part of Lent. Have a blessed Holy Week!

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