Amanda Palmer’s Eyebrows

I’m quite late to the party.

But I found her book, “The Art of Asking,” and am submerging myself.

This book is setting me free.

I’ve always had an eyebrow obsession. In high school and college, I joked it was my fetish.

My friends would tease me when I blathered about crushes: “But how are his eyebrows?”

Palmer has the kind of eyebrows I would normally hate.

On men, the thicker the better. As a woman, I envy women with a villainous arch. Like Maleficent. I used to strive for that shape myself, I was so vainglorious about it!!

Unfortunately, my own brows are curly and bushy like a hedge, and grow as fast. I’ve mostly surrendered to accepting them in their wild state because the maintenance is just too expensive and I also get burned easily. Threading is terrifying and only wax yields the results I like. I do trim them and get them shaped when I feel like it– but it’s not a big thing for me.

Amanda’s eyebrows are deliberately unpretty. Even offensive or ugly, to most people. Desperate.

They have become their own entity, separate from her personality. They have a tumblr!

They are not tattoos, as they first appear. No. She makes them with liquid liner. Talk about a commitment.

Those black points and swirls command. Immediately they communicate that she is not ordinary.

She has no intention of blending in.

Her eyebrows are stark black.

They are vulnerable, they are aggressive. Yet, whimsical.

I would not enjoy this look on myself, but I’m glad Amanda Palmer is doing it.

I’m glad she is unapologetic about declaring herself by their design.

Her confidence, the brash artistry of them– we need more of that in the world.


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