A Sunday Evening Surprise

I over-slept for Mass this morning, but it appears there was a reason.

Instead I went to the 6 p.m. Mass at another local church.

I was feeling disconnected, lonely. This parish is huge– it was hard to hear. I arrived late, too. I felt bad.

But I thought I recognized the woman in the pew behind me to be a childhood friend’s mother. We were both alone. And both of us waited till after the priest had walked down the aisle and music ended– many others had already exited.

That’s a traditional thing, a respect. I learned it in my Catholic grammar school.

I didn’t see any signs of recognition, but decided to take a chance.

“Are you So-and-so’s mom?”

Yes, she confirmed– I told her my name. Yes, she remembered.

The smile of recognition! She had lived next door to my family when we first moved to Illinois. I probably haven’t seen her in around 15 years, if not longer! We stood at about the same height.

Same red hair and gentle manner.

I’ve never done that before– stayed that long to talk to someone after Mass– at any church I’ve attended over the years.

What a blessing.

Since I’m friends with her daughter on Facebook, I congratulated her on becoming a grandmother, and her daughter’s professional success as a police officer. She is proud! We talked about Adoration, about being Catholic, about different parishes in the area and how we like them.

She recommended a great priest at that parish for Confession, who really listens. She told me about her favorite Mass, since this parish offers many and it quite large and diverse.

I’m so delighted to reconnect with another devout woman! We may go to Mass together one day. She told me to find her on Facebook.

God, I know you’re listening. 🙂 Thanks!


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