The Family Right in Front of Me

I’ve always been wistful about living in a town with my family.

My Dad and my Mother’s family are both out of state.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in the city full of people with my last name.

That, I may never know. But my step-mother’s family lives in-state, and some of them right here in town.

I have two aunts within 50 miles, one of them within five.

They’ve always accepted me as one of their own– called me cousin, niece, etc.

But I always kept a distance from them, probably because I wasn’t close with my step-mother for a long time.

But as we age, we are both working together to change that– trusting and accepting each other.

On some level, I think I felt it would be disloyal to my Mother, who is deceased.

But they have never held that against me– included, invited, sent cards, given gifts just the same. Hugged.

I have some young cousins who are wonderful and sweet and people I’m proud of. Right here. Older cousins, here.

I can use this time to get to know them, make plans with them, let them into my life.

I feel so incredibly lucky.

They are Catholic and Italian! Conservative. A generous, affectionate, outgoing bunch.

I DO have local family, even if we don’t share a last name.


2 comments on “The Family Right in Front of Me

  1. elizabethwflora says:

    Hey, it’s great that you appreciate your family. But that’s not something i can tell. Sometimes days pass without me speaking to them, however we live in the same house. And I’m fine with it. More than fine. I know I’m probably a monster kid or something but I really don’t care about anyone else but me. Not everybody has to be the same kind loving person.

    • I’m sorry about that Elizabeth, that must be lonely. You’re not any kind of monster– you’ve just adjusted your expectations to your reality. Maybe if you pray you can connect with someone else who will be more attentive.

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