Merry Christmas– from One Introvert to Another!

So, I can’t sleep!!

Today is Christmas. Will it snow? That would be so amazing.

I suppose I’m a pretty odd mix of extroverted and introverted.

Why else do you think I’m a writer?!

Even at family events, I will go off into a room by myself periodically.

I don’t flirt wantonly, and am annoyed bye those who do. When I do like someone, it is blatantly obvious.

I never give false compliments. I’m generous with them because I like to make someone smile and most people are having a crap day, I’ve learned. Life is hard– be kind if possible.

I will not hesitate to put someone in their place, however, when necessary.

If someone has pissed me off enough to illicit visible anger, they deserve it. They are button-pushers.

I would rather stay home and read or watch movies alone, or go to dinner alone most times. I like my company!

I love the outdoors. It’s innately calming to me.

I also give my full attention when I *do* make plans. I expect the same.

But when I do make plans, I intend to keep them. I hate when people cancel last-minute, or over-schedule themselves and forget. And if they do it enough times I will just stop asking. I like reliable people.

If I think I’m going to be even a nanosecond late, I will notify the person and apologize. I do my very best to be punctual.

I’m not touchy-feely– this is the most obvious way I’m reserved. Affection must be earned from me.

I don’t hide it if I’m uninterested in someone who flirts with me– I make it very clear. Some consider that rude, but I consider that respectful. I’m direct and don’t waste either of our time. They are free to move on to someone who will reciprocate. And some people don’t respond to hints– be blunt and don’t back down.

I trust very few, but am candid once I know people.

If I’m angry or hurt, I will sooner leave the room than let someone see my cry or lose my temper. I don’t want to give them the satisfaction.

I may seem stoic, but I feel things deeply.

I am great in a crisis.

I prefer to see people one-on-one, or in groups of two and three.

I like when other people talk a lot– I find them fascinating. I like people who surprise and challenge me, who I can’t figure out.

I’m a good question-asker.

I consider revenge a waste of time.

I adore nerds. It’s fun to hear them rattle on about their obsessions.

I am open-minded but do not compromise my core values for anyone.

I’ve become a bit of a loner, though I was uber-social in my younger days.

I heart blogging.


8 comments on “Merry Christmas– from One Introvert to Another!

  1. aj.marie says:

    Its as if youve poured out all of my feelings. Except ilike to cancel, im usually late, and i over scheduke because i forget. 😅

    • Welcome, A.J. Marie! You sound pretty decent. lol I forget, too. That’s another reason I write– to remember!

      I’m often late too! Sometimes I get lost on the way, but I try to allow for extra time to prevent such happenings.

      I hope you’ll comment again. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  2. elizabethwflora says:

    Hi. Really great post, possibly the best moment of my day. Knowing that I can share my thoughts and reading about others views cheers me up a bit. I guess we have a lot in common tho, so i look forward reading more

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