Confession and Peace

Tonight my parents invited me to go to Confession with them, at their parish. We had dinner first.

I was very sincere in my Confession, as always. I even cried a little bit. It always feels good, that release.

And I admit, I was a bit disappointed in the priest’s response– he gave me a pretty standard penance and absolution. I wished he had been more specific, more personal and comforting. But priests are human– maybe that’s just not his strength.

He WAS a very good listener. He didn’t rush me along or interrupt me at all. I really appreciated that. That, in itself, is a skill.

But nonetheless, I’m glad I went. Confession has been a yearly tradition between my father and I. Diane went with us tonight, which was nice.

I found the most relief once I exited the Confessional and kneeled in the pew.

I realized that the interaction with the priest is only one PART of Confession.

The part I like best is just being there quietly with my family. And seeing all around me, other faithful Catholics who are penitent.

The humility, the quiet. People praying, eye closed, hands folded.

A lot of people identify Catholic, but don’t fully engage with it. Actually going to Confession indicates someone is more devout, more serious in their practice.

Yes, you can pray on your own. But the fact that you care enough to GO to Confession– that’s the point.

This is one of the best parts of being Catholic.

Just seeing other believers together in the same room.


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