When I Held a Tarantula

At work today, I held my first spider. Twice!

A Rose Hair Tarantula.

Two different co-workers helped me. The first told me to be very gentle with it— to hold my hands flat and absolutely still, so as not to disturb it. I did that, and succeeded. I was a bit nervous, I thought I would be tempted to withdraw my hands or even drop it. But after just watching her with it, I knew I wouldn’t.

But I have to admit, it was pretty boring.

The second time was at the end of my shift. The first co-worker had left, so a different person helped me. They were more laid-back. This time I let the tarantula walk over my hands, and I felt very comfortable. It walked from one hand to the other, I turned my hand over, it climbed around. It was never apprehensive. Neither was I.

I held it for several minutes. My co-workers were impressed at my comfort level.

They kept saying I should buy it! One day, one day. But again, I live in a building prohibiting pets.

And I’m a “follow the rules” lady.

But today I conquered part of my fear of spiders! Now small ones, that’s different. I don’t think I could feel as calm with a regular spider– they move so fast. You can lose track of them. Plus, they blend in.

But it’s impossible to lose track of a tarantula. Plus, they are pretty chill. And beautiful.

Now I feel that spiders are just massively misunderstood. I’ll make an effort to be kinder to spiders.

Today, a spider was kind to me.


5 comments on “When I Held a Tarantula

  1. devynstella says:

    according to me right now, you’re a legend, I’m not sure if I can ever have the strength to let a spider walk on my hands and be chilled about it.

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