The Comfort of a Good Book

So I just bought “Gone Girl,” (I know, EONS late!) and it’s glorious.

I saw the movie last weekend. I thought it was wonderful but crazy. I didn’t think I’d want to read the book.

It seems like everything I’ve been reading lately has been something with purpose, something non-fiction.

I need to give my mind a break and just let it wander! I love getting lost in someone else’s imagination.

It may seem like a boring hobby– it’s not rock-climbing or knitting or something active or social.

But I’m realizing now just how relaxing reading truly is for me. You’ve always got a friend with a book.

Reading is quiet and solitary, and that’s WHY I like it!

It keeps my mind sharp. It allows me to travel all kinds of places.

It gives me things to talk about! I love when people ask what I’m reading. I wish more people did.

Sometimes I find myself recommending books to people when they’re telling me about their lives, like a prescription. They are usually amused and it’s a good way to connect with them.

I have a talent. I can find a book for anyone, even people who hate reading.

Really, it’s one of the world’s most popular activities! I’ve got good company. 🙂

Nerds are the best, and I’m proud to be a book nerd!


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