Family of One

Today I took a picture for my new parish, to be included in the directory of families.

Officially, I am a family of one.

I put together an outfit in which I felt elegant, in two of my favorite colors: maroon and black.

Simple and conservative. I did my best with my make-up, kept it neutral.

I chose from photo packages for the first time solo. I watched the photographer go into sales mode.

I chose only one picture. I didn’t want any re-touching or Christmas themes. I don’t need to be flawless. I was proud of not getting sucked into that, and deciding on an economical package. Part of it is budgeting and the other is I’m just not as vain as I used to be! I don’t need that many pictures of myself. I figured I’d give some wallets to my parents and a few other close friends/family. I chose one 8 x 10 for myself.

Why not? This is me at 34. Families record their lives– and I’m my own family. I count!

It feels good to declare myself as single. Independent.

On my way out, one of the women asked if I was headed back to work? I was pleased I looked professional– that was the idea! As they say, dress for the job you want. I should wear this on an interview, it seems good luck!

Two days ago, the priest from my previous parish called to tell me that I’m missed at Mass. He wanted to check on me, see where I’ve been! And also, the family I brought Holy Communion to misses me. Today I returned his call and thanked him, explaining that I’ve since moved to a new parish. That I enjoyed my service to that family but resigned formally from duties before moving on.

He said he hopes I’ve found my “home” and that I’m always welcome back. That was heart-warming to hear.

I’m moving forward in small but sure steps. I feel decisive and confident.

Proud to be a family of one.


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