I Will


Right now, I’m cleaning out and purging stuff. Today I got $7 for some DVD’s. I went to a local store that buys them used– everyone was so busy. Hustling. Isn’t that what we’re all doing? They told me most of my DVD’s were overstock, and one set (90210– the original!) was missing one DVD. I’m not sure I’ll find it. I went home and decided as much as I like movies, they take up a lot of space and there’s a lot I need to get done anyway so it’ll help to just not have them as a distraction. I kept 19 of them. I went back with another bag with most of my collection– but the store was closed. I’ll return tomorrow and hope to get some cash for them.

I also dropped off a bunch of VHS cassettes at Unique Thrift Store– I don’t even have a VCR anymore and it takes up a lot of space. To the Book Market I dropped off a bunch of books and didn’t ask for store credit– I just wanted to donate them.

I found a box full of CD cases. It has to go.

I just want to have less possessions and be unencumbered so I can move.


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