Tiny Dancer, Driving Faster: My Fourth Time Doing Stand-Up

Just got home after doing stand-up for the first time since 2012, when I bombed: I wrote it about it

I’m back on the comedy horse!

I went to see a friend, and decided to sign up on a whim. And that’s exactly how it was the first time.

I loved the synchronicity. And my friend Andi, who passed this year, she would have loved it. She was the friend who inspired me to do it the first time. And also, the same friend who was bartending that night was also bartending this time– at a different bar. She’s changed jobs, we’ve lost touch.

It was good to see her.

I didn’t plan on getting on stage tonight so I just wore whatever: a thermal shirt, a flannel, jeans with a hole in them. Boots. A little eyeshadow, but no other make-up. I felt comfortable and yes, I loved the attention.

I had a list but decided to forego it. Beforehand, I nervously texted a few friends for moral support. I brought my water and just talked like I would to my friends. I was #16 tonight– about half the audience had left by then, so it was a smaller crowd.

And it was the best time I’ve had in months. The intimacy, the solidarity, the awkwardness… I love it.

Comedy is just so delightfully HUMAN.

Other comics told me about other open mics I should hit up. I just might. Life is to be LIVED.

Life is for laughing.

On the way home, “Tiny Dancer,” was playing. I sang along and just reveled in how lucky I felt. Tonight I ranted about being short and how it’s hilarious and also awful. About my hearing-loss, which got some of the best laughs. I can make fun of the things that make me angry, and it’s a wonderful stress relief. You say it, you feel better! It’s like the world is your confessional.

I know some people who consider stand-up comedy their religion and I gotta say, I’m starting to get it.

I made jokes about my self-defense class and my Dad’s dancing and whatever came to my head. I made eye contact with no one but just rambled on, and it WORKED. I got some laughs.

I noticed that my voice is WAY higher than I thought. I sounded like a chipmunk! Afterward a friend confirmed this. Aight, I’ll own it. But it’s not gonna shut me up.

Several comics after me gave me a shout-out, and a few came up afterward to high-five me. Not every open mic is this friendly, but it was just what I needed tonight.


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