Jumping Amee, Flying Elbows: Week Five of Self-Defense

Tonight was the most fun I’ve ever had! Our class was smaller tonight, I loved it.

It’s becoming not only a great release of physical energy, but something playful as we gain each other’s trust.

Each week, I love seeing how the moves we’re doing coordinate so gracefully. It’s a dance. You take whatever your partner gives you and use it as a gift– you go with their body weight and adapt. I love it. I also like that we get a chance in each class to be both the defending person and the attacker. We learn what it feels like from both sides– how it feels to do the moves to someone else and how to break free when they do them to you.

Despite being petite I’ve got long arms, like an Orangutan! They don’t seem to fit the rest of me but have been ideal for climbing trees and blocking other bridesmaids from the bouquet at weddings– I’ve caught four! I used to treat the bouquet toss like a competitive sport and I usually won. Then I figgered I’d let the younger gals go for it and just watch the melee instead. And my elbows are extra-pointy. It’s like I’ve already got a weapon!

That reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her beloved stake, Mr. Pointy. Her most basic and efficient weapon– she always had several stakes with her. I like the association! Should I name my elbows Mr. and Mrs. Pointy? Can I have a one name for plural elbows?

AHHH. I got it. The solution is to name them PLURAL: The Pointies. Ya don’t wanna meet ’em!

And each week, we talk about how we’re doing to execute the moves– for safety and respect. Kind of like in professional wrestling, where they plan out their matches. But as we gain trust, we learn to anticipate and challenge each other.

I get more competitive every week. YES! If I were a professional wrestler, I’d call myself the Flying Spider!

So whatever you’re self-conscious about, there’s a way to make it work for you! This class is just changing my personality for the better. If you’ve never invested in a comprehensive self-defense class, do it.

I’m feeling like I deserve to have what I want, and better– I can make it happen.


2 comments on “Jumping Amee, Flying Elbows: Week Five of Self-Defense

  1. Love, love, love!! I love that you’re learning to love your personality, your body, and your capabilities!!! I’ll stay on the good side of Mr. & Mrs. Pointy 😜

    • Thank you, my lovely! Yes, this class is helping me tremendously. I’m learning to think of my body as something strong that will protect me, even when I’m not expecting it! For so long I thought of myself in terms of what was attractive to men. Now I think about what I enjoy about myself, what I like about ME. It’s awesome.

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