A New Path

Just returned home from Mass and called Sister Bea. This is the second week I’ve gone to Mass at this other parish, and it feels right.

I’ve decided to stick with my gut and commit to my original decision to stop bringing Holy Communion to that family. Although I’ve enjoyed my service to them, I feel called toward another parish. And though I offered to be friends with them, the mother (who I originally signed up to serve Holy Communion) made it clear she only wants to see me if I’m serving them Holy Communion. And I respect her honesty. Thus, they would be better served by someone else.

I made plans to meet Sister Bea tomorrow and return the Pix to her, so someone else can use it. Although I admit, I loved having it. It made me feel holy, to possess something designed to house and transport the Real Presence.

Sister was disappointed but trusts in my decision and said I’ll be missed at the parish I’m leaving but she wishes me well. She said she would love to continue keeping in touch as friends, and I’m glad to hear that.

I’m a very practical woman, especially as I age. And I need a parish where I can HEAR Mass, with more structure. That’s why I’m attracted to this other parish.

I have so much to give and I want to choose a parish with care and prayerful reflection. I have a feeling I may have found it.


4 comments on “A New Path

  1. C.J. Penn says:

    Good luck in your new parish.

    • Thanks, C.J.! I like the patron saint after which it’s named, which also seems to be a sign. We’ll see! Are you Catholic, too?

      • C.J. Penn says:

        Hello. Right now I don’t belong to any particular church. I’m not really sure why. I pray about it a lot. But I believe I’m currently right where God wants me to be. One thing I know for sure: I’ve grown closer to God recently than at any other time in my life – even without attending a church.

      • That’s great, not everyone needs a particular church to feel that connection with God validated. Maybe in your prayer, He will call you toward a church. Also, work is sometimes a huge obstacle. Enjoy that feeling! Some people who are faithful church-goers don’t even feel it.

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