Week Four of Self-Defense and… FUN?! Plus, A Glorious Scraped Knee.

Today I went to class on zero sleep. I decided beforehand I wouldn’t expect much out of myself and would just have fun with my classmates.

And something wonderful happened! It became fun.

I also discovered, again, that I am more capable and athletic than I realized. I’m quick. I’m not worrying anymore about the worst-case scenario– I’m just enjoying it as a work out. Instead of fear, I’m focusing on getting to know the women in the class. Relaxing. I worked with the same two women again, but this time the instructor asked us to rotate a few times with different groups. And that was great! I got to meet others, who challenged me differently each time.

It’s comforting that even on no sleep, I was fine once I got going. It’s true activity breeds energy.

We had an “adrenaline drill” at the end, which I loved! There was one male student in the class– and I kept up with him. I seemed to be reaching the other side the same time as him. The exercise brought out my competitive spirit– something I forgot about, but really like, in myself.

Sliding on the mats to get there, I felt a pain on my knee. I looked and was happy to see a little scrape!

It felt good to have a badge of honor of my effort. I happily bragged to a few classmates next to me.

It’s been ages since I did anything physically competitive in a group like this!

This class has stopped being about prevention or fighting someone else off.

Now, it’s just about remembering myself. I’ve always been there.

I’m strong, and my size is becoming more of an asset with each class.

I’m getting a work out and having fun.

I love it. What will we learn next time??


2 comments on “Week Four of Self-Defense and… FUN?! Plus, A Glorious Scraped Knee.

  1. Love it! Rock that honor badge! You are fierce! 🙂

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