Standing Down a Stranger

Last week, I was on the way to my self-defense class.

I walked out the front door of my building, and as the door closed behind me a man tried to get in. He didn’t ring a bell. He didn’t knock or call anyone. He was trying to get in the door itself– I only noticed that.

“I live in this building,” I said. “Who are you looking for?”

“My friend,” he said.

“What’s your friend’s name?”

He looked uncomfortable. I stood there, watching him.

He came up with Scott.

“There’s no Scott in this building,” I said.

He scowled. I stayed. Never smiled.

“Get outta my face,” he said with anger.

I was probably about four feet away. I felt no fear. I wasn’t about to watch someone break into my building, if that’s what they were attempting to do.

No one answered his call. The stranger glared at me and left.

I walked to my car, and turned back to watch him get into the passenger side of a friend’s car.

“Nothing personal,” I said, watching them drive away.

Whatever that man had in mind, it wasn’t good. If he had no ill intent, why so defensive?

In my class, we’ve learned to pay attention to our instinct if something seems suspicious. We’ve learned that criminals will usually back down if confronted and move to an easier target. This man obviously put on a good show to legitimize his presence, but had no way to validate his story.

Maybe he had the wrong building. Maybe he was drunk or on other substances. Maybe he lied.

But I defended my home and I feel damn good about it. This class is definitely working.

I felt like the chihuahua that scared off a mountain lion, just by barking at it.


2 comments on “Standing Down a Stranger

  1. You just get more & more awesome! You were so much more than a chihuahua, you were fierce! Keep rockin!!

    • I’m getting to the point where I’m not second-guessing myself so much. I love it. Thank you! Anyone who assumes I’m a pushover is wrong. What did he think I was going to do, smile and invite him in? Please.

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