Elusive Anger, Regained Self-Esteem

I can’t hold on to anger these days.

Is that a sign of enlightenment? I suspect not.

Rather, I think I’ve finally just realized that I have no control over others. It’s scary at first, until you realize it’s liberating. 

Anger and envy are beautiful ways to squander your life. I know. 

I used to be so focused on what everyone else had and I didn’t– I was one sour lady.

I’d rather control myself– and that I can do. So I’m redirecting my energy. 

And THAT is exciting. I have more respect for myself. 

Change is happening in my life, because I’m making better decisions. 

I have less to say about it, and more to do. 

I’m feeling powerful and unapologetic. 

I know my worth, and I determine it.


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