A Labor Day Surprise

This afternoon I went to visit the family I bring Holy Communion to, as usual.

I was driving around when I realized I was late! It was 1: 42 when I realized, and about 1:45 when I arrived. Usually I go at 1:30.

My phone wasn’t in the car, so I just headed over. 

They were surprised to see me! They thought since it was Labor Day, I wouldn’t be coming, though last week I confirmed I’d be there at my usual time. 

But I don’t have any special plans today. They are honestly the highlight of my Labor Day. I’ve been disappointed in the past when they went on vacation or told me to come another time because they had an appointment. I missed seeing them. 

They were happy, and I felt happy in turn. They had an American flag and a POW MIA flag flying on the back porch. 

In my hustle, I didn’t have the missal with the readings. But they didn’t mind.

I explained to them that it helps me, too, every week. That I look forward to these visits with them. 

They’ve been shocked when I wanted to come despite inclement weather, as well. Last week there was a big storm– I called to tell them I was en route– she told me to wait till the storm quieted. I told her it didn’t bother me, but she didn’t want me to risk it. I didn’t have to wait long.

Sometimes I get busy and forget, or I have to re-schedule because I didn’t make it to Mass on Sunday to get the hosts. But I hate disappointing them, so I have become more disciplined in maintaining our routine and following through to avoid cancellations whenever possible. It means I go to bed earlier on Saturday nights, so that I won’t oversleep. 

God bless this family. 

I told them that they can count on me, and it felt good to affirm that. 

Once this summer when my car was in the shop, I walked there. This routine has become something on which I depend and look forward to each week. They don’t seem to realize how much I enjoy spending time with them, knowing that they are expecting me and happy to receive what I came to give them. It feels good to good to help someone. I get as much out of visiting them as they do in receiving Holy Communion. 

This is why volunteering helps your soul so much. 

And though I’ve never been very attached to the idea of Jesus, bring them Holy Communion helps me believe.

I’m more focused on God and Mary. I struggle with the the idea of Jesus, partially because he’s championed so much by Evangelical Christians. They are so relentless about it that I retreat from that idea. 

Would you constantly pressure someone to disown their family and come join yours? That’s what it feels like to me when someone keeps asking me to come to their church. I have a church. I have a parish. We all struggle to relate to our parents throughout our lives, but we don’t stop loving them. If we’re lucky, and I am in that regard, we talk things through and work it out. We accept our differences and focus on the history and the loving things they do. Your chosen faith is the same way– you may struggle to understand and accept it, but that doesn’t make it any less a part of you. 

But this family believes in Jesus– as Catholics we believe the Eucharist is real. They are not disappointed if I can’t make it because they think I’m just bringing them a wafer. All theology and philosophy aside about the “proof” of Jesus, this small routine with this family offers more validity than anything I could read in The Bible. 

I’m glad this family is part of my life, and they are bringing me deeper into our faith each week. 


2 comments on “A Labor Day Surprise

  1. I’m glad you realize how much people value you!! I always thought of Jesus as the person our faiths have in common, the central figure on a Catholic crucifix. I’m glad we can have differences and still enjoy all the things we have in common!

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