My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Friendship, an Answered Prayer, and a Good Scream

Yesterday afternoon, I watching ALS Ice Bucket challenges online and hoping someone would nominate me.

I even asked three friends if they would do it with me– if they would nominate me. None could help– they were working, or had already committed to doing it, or were doing a private donation to a local family they knew struggling with ALS. 

I was on Facebook, thinking that it really looked like fun. I felt like that kid on the playground who doesn’t get picked for Red Rover. You can’t play unless you’re invited!

And then hours later, my friend Tammie tagged me in her own video. YES! We had jumped into a kiddie pool full of ice water together before, so the symmetry was great. And it was striking, because usually I write down my prayers– but this wasn’t even a conscious prayer. Just a longing, a fleeting thought in my day. And I thought, “Wow, God IS listening!” 

But I didn’t want to do it alone, nor was I prepared. For one, I have really weak arms and don’t want to knock myself out like myriad participants have done! And two, I had no means to set up a video camera and post it without help. 

And three, I just wanted to share it with a friend. 

So I decided to post it in a status as an open invite, and just HOPE someone responded. And it took over an hour– a few people “liked” it. I almost wanted to delete it, feeling awkward. What if no one responded? I had offered to buy ice, bring my own container, and travel outside my city to comply with the 24-hour rule. 

Then my friend Char offered, and said she’d be free this afternoon if I could come to her place. I was so happy! THAT was a conscious prayer, and it was answered. I wrote that one down. 

We messaged back and forth about silly plans. We decided to wear rainbow colored ensembles, possibly wigs, and to make silliness the plan. I promised to wear something stupid. It made my day, just having something small like that to look forward to today before I started my shift. 

I stopped at a gas station and bought two big bags of ice on the way. I told people I was doing the challenge! I felt great. 

Her boyfriend filmed it for us, out on their front lawn. She dumped my orange cooler full on me, and I screamed, hopped around, and absolutely loved it. I had a toy sword that lights up and makes noise, and I brought it as a prop, to be the “ALS Avenger!” I had a quick, bumbling intro, nominated my friends, and it accepted the challenge. I wore a neon orange tank and bright purple long skirt. 

Char’s outfit was like candy rock n’ roll! A black tank with a pink skull and crossbones, black pants and a pink wig with braided pigtails. I stood on a chair behind her and dumped the ice, so I wouldn’t knock HER out! She wasn’t as thrilled as me, but took it like a champ!! Her boyfriend laughed and recorded it all. 

We took before and after pictures– the ice buckets– then us before, then us with the buckets over our heads, laughing. 

After we looked at the pictures and cracked up at our videos, and she tagged them on facebook and emailed them, too.

I have a helluva great friend in Char. We share a love of zany fashion and accessories and spontaneous fun, such as this.

It’s those last-minute small adventures that makes life great. And I got to have fun with a friend for a great cause, too. 

And now I can’t wait to see the friends who I nominated do the same!! 

Red rover, red rover, my friends better run over! 


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