The Secret Lemon Loaf

I pulled up in the Starbucks drive-thru and got my usual Iced Venti Passion Tea (no syrup.)

And a lemon loaf. I had a craving.

He told me my total and confirmed the order.

Then I hear a female voice say, “We’re out of lemon loaf.”

“The lemon loaf is gone,” he tells me.

I worked as a barista in my Twenties. I remember that this icy confection usually sold out in the morning. It pairs especially well with Sumatra blend– I gave a presentation on it when I was hired. It was part of my interview– choosing a pastry and a coffee blend to recommend to customers. My future boss was impressed with my initiative.

I was bummed. About to pull forward. And then she corrects herself, “I found it!”

The man in the drive-thru smiles– he looks young. Probably early 20’s.

“There’s a secret lemon loaf,” he tells me.

I cheer.

He hands me my drink. And then the lemon loaf.

“My secret lemon loaf,” I joke. He laughs.

I drive on.

And I learned a valuable lesson.

Always ask for what you want. Especially when it’s not an obvious possibility.

There just might be a secret lemon loaf at the right moment, for you.


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