First Watermelon Cake: a little “Gordy,” but still good!

On Memorial Day yesterday, I felt like trying something new.

I decided to make plans with my parents, since they live close by. They were grilling and I needed help anyway!

My Dad is hilarious. As I was cutting out the watermelon from the rind, he kept saying “It’s gordy!” if I left any piece of the rind visible. Which cracks me up because if I eat a steak and cut off any piece of gristle, he’ll complain that I’m wasting the steak!

I had seen an easy recipe online for a watermelon cake. Normally I feel intimidated, but it looked so delicious I had to do it! It wasn’t complicated– and it was a huge hit!

I shopped and bought the ingredients I needed: watermelon, whipped cream, blue berries and raspberries. It was supposed to have almonds on the side, but I decided to scrap the almonds. In the future, maybe I’ll get some really ones and try it.

It’s been so long since I was excited about preparing food for people. Now I’m starting to understand why people do this so often!

It feels truly wonderful to serve people food– it’s like a magnet!

And I learned to set aside the stress of how it would turn out– how it would look, how it would measure up to the picture and recipe.

I learned to just ENJOY the experiment.

There weren’t detailed instructions– mostly pictures. And I didn’t look up anything, confident I could figure it out.

I bought more supplies than I needed, and hoped for the best.

Slicing the melon was the toughest part. I needed some help with that, since I don’t exactly have the most buff arms and my knife set is pretty amateur at this point. The rind was removed, though the melon itself looked more like a flower!


It was uneven. But I embraced my remainders and just went for it! Put the Cool Whip on, and placed the berries.

On the plate, it looked pretty good!



And I gotta say, the Cool Whip didn’t melt. We put it in the fridge for a few hours and ate it after dinner. It was refreshing. It was fun to eat it after dinner.

But I gotta say, the most fun thing was taking the second one to a small gathering of friends. I put on a white dress, some red lipstick, and brought along some paper plates and serving. No one was expecting anything, so it was fun to be the one to bring something as a surprise. Figuring out how to slice it without it all falling apart was a fun challenge as well.

However, nothing beats seeing the pure delight in their eyes when I brought the cake in!! Even better, the way these people expressed themselves after eating their first slice. Seeing them sit back, exhale, and savor it. Others, who ate it so quickly.

Is there anything better than making food and watching people who LIVE for food enjoy it?

I think not. I’m starting to understand the real pleasure of cooking– it’s an act of service. It’s a way to connect with people.

It’s a GIFT made of love, time, planning– and it creates a memory. It’s like being a musician, and having an audience for your symphony! Writing is so isolating. But food is SOCIAL.

Until now, I’ve been a person who really enjoyed EATING food. But I’m hoping to make a transition to a person who BRINGS joy to people by making food. Yes!

Even better, sometimes it truly doesn’t MATTER how “well” the recipe turned out, or even how it looks. People just appreciate your effort– the fact that you spent time making something– for them.

So I’ve decided, I’m going to continue making this watermelon cake. Maybe I’ll work my way up to a more advanced level– there are several different ways to make it more exciting, I’ve learned!

And from there, who knows what culinary delights may evolve?!



2 comments on “First Watermelon Cake: a little “Gordy,” but still good!

  1. Sounds & looks awesome!!

  2. Thank you!! 🙂 I know it’s pretty amateur, but I still had a lot of fun making it. And eating it!

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