Satan’s Application to Harvard DENIED: Black Mass Canceled Last-Minute

According to The Harvard Crimson, the hotly-contested black mass planned for tonight has been canceled– by the students of the Harvard Cultural Studies Club themselves. See article.

Even better, apparently there are no plans for the Satanic Temple members to continue the ritual elsewhere– although validity of that is obviously dubious. How much do you trust an organization that categorically denies belief in Satanism, while members of its namesake?

However, a victory has clearly been won. The Voice of the Faithful spoke.

Harvard President Drew Faust was inundated with protests– to the tune of 60,000 signatures and a strong letter from current student Aurora Griffin, Rhodes Scholar and a Catholic herself. I’m proud to see that she leveraged an irrefutable point that ties in not just religion, but feminism and social justice as valid reasons this ritual should not sully the name of Harvard, or the Roman Catholic Church.

A true black mass not only defiles the Eucharist and The Church, but the bodies of women, who are used as ritual objects.

Read her letter HERE in this update via Women of Grace.

I did pray tonight. I went to a local parish that I know is always open for prayer and into early evening hours. Usually when I go, I’m alone. Today, I noticed four other women, and one man. I wondered if they, too, were praying to stop this upsetting event.

Apparently, St. Michael the Archangel was fighting on our behalf.

Regardless, I felt comforted. Just seeing others and knowing we share a belief helped. And not long afterward I checked my phone for an update, and saw this incredible news.

I call this proof that yes, some things are just WRONG. That protesting is worthwhile and effective.

I feel happy to know that this attempted Satanic event ALLIED the Christian world– rather than divided us. So often, we fight amongst ourselves as different denominations have differing beliefs. And it’s well known that many other denominations disagree with Catholic doctrine and some even vilify us categorically.

This week, none of those differences mattered. Our shared love of Christ brought us together.

I’m grateful to my Christian brothers and sisters in Christ, who prayed and protested with us.

This event woke people up. Somehow, the would-be participants realized this demonstration wasn’t worth it.

There is undeniable proof of God’s presence tonight in Cambridge.


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