Satan Goes to Harvard: Not a Joke

*Update: It was cancelled! See new post HERE.

If I could be in Cambridge tonight, I would be protesting the black Mass being “re-enacted” by a Harvard University student group off-campus at 8:30 p.m. Since that’s not possible, I can at least warn others and hopefully enlist your prayers in this time of need. Catholic or not, all Christians should be allied against this dark event, as it is relevant to all believers in Christ.

I realize that by going on record about this, I’m crossing into a territory some will consider “too Catholic.” It’s fine to talk about God, Jesus and Mary–but Satan? That’s where most people draw the line.

Well *I* draw the line at performing a recognized Satanic ritual at an ivy league university in the name of religious freedom. So to me, it’s worth speaking out about this. Why is this something that must be tolerated? I understand it’s not illegal. But this goes beyond erecting a statue in the name of fairness. This is a ritual based in hate and blasphemy. They want controversy. They want to offend Catholics and Christians– yet, they don’t want to take responsibility for it.

Members of the Cultural Studies Club will be joining New York members of the Satanic Temple to perform this ceremony, which they all insist has no supernatural meaning and is purely an expression of their intellectual curiosity. According to the Women of Grace, Early reports confirmed that a consecrated host would be used, until public ire inspired Priya Dua for The Satanic Temple to retract this statement, saying it was a misunderstanding.

Most alarming to me is the utter APATHY so many seem to have toward this news. There’s going to be a Satanic ritual at Harvard? Oh.

It *does* matter. Even if you don’t consider yourself a believer, could you at least have some empathy for those who are, and how upsetting this is for us?

I’ve talked to a few of my Christian friends, as well as a local priest about this. After Mass yesterday with my parents for Mother’s Day, I stopped the priest at their church to discuss this. He wasn’t even aware, and thanked me for telling him. I asked if there’s any particular prayers I might say and he suggested calling on St. Michael the Archangel. I will praying to St. Michael continuously tonight– here is the prayer. I hope you will join me in solidarity, here is THE PRAYER. And of course there’s the Our Father and the Rosary.

Harvard President David Faust confirms in a statement today that even he understands the gravity of this ritual, and will be attending Holy Hour on campus in solidarity with local Catholics who are deeply offended by the undisguised sacrilegious nature of the black Mass. Yet, despite an uprising and a formal petition to stop the event, he feels his duty to uphold student rights to free speech and free religious expression leaves him no choice but to allow it with detachment.

Though I wish a university as prestigious as Harvard would take a stronger stand and cancel the event, I take some solace in the fact that the president himself will be attending the Holy Hour instead. Especially since his last name is Faust– I can’t be the only one to appreciate that irony.

The black mass is a Satanic ritual designed to openly defile Roman Catholicism and invoke Satan. By definition, that’s it’s purpose. What angers me is the people orchestrating and participating in this event are denying it with such force. Who are you fooling here? No one. If you’re going to publicly enact a Satanic ritual, at least own it. I find it duplicitous and cowardly that these individuals are trying to paint themselves as noble freedom fighters for intellectual discourse and of course, painting themselves as marginalized victims of prejudice.

If there’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing, why are you yourselves denying that participating entails a belief in Satan? Why are the club members refusing to be named? Perhaps because just being affiliated with this event has become dangerous– and they’re realizing they’ve gotten in over their heads in the name of a publicity stunt.

Evil is real, even if you profess to not believe in God. Even if you don’t believe in Satan, I wouldn’t toy with dark forces. Are you really that self-assured that you can also wager that staging a Satanic ritual is just a fun way to educate people about cultural practices? I worry for the people engaging in this event, and those who will attend out of morbid curiosity.

I hope some of those participants change their mind and decide to stay away. Here’s another perspective, from an exorcist. 

As Catholics and Christians, let’s pray together in solidarity today.


5 comments on “Satan Goes to Harvard: Not a Joke

  1. Geez…I had no idea. What in the world is going on these days? It’s scary and crazy and just downright unbelievable 😦

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