The Closed Door

I used to be someone to fixate on closed doors.

Why was that door closed? Why couldn’t it stay open longer? Why did it open for someone else?

I had thought, “That’s my door. It was supposed to stay open.”  Frustrated.

I took it personally. I was resentful. How could I have been wrong? I was so sure that I had the right door, at the right time.

The door could be several things– a relationship, a job, something that I wanted– but it it didn’t happen.

If I find the right key, or wait around in the vicinity, will it magically open again?

I was so distracted by ruminations, determined to discover the answer.

And then I learned that there IS no answer. There is no “why” that will satisfy that feeling of injustice– of a missed opportunity.

Now I’m finally accepting that I don’t have to worry about closed doors anymore.

All I have to do is accept the door is closed. Forget about why.

And realize there are other doors. I’m free!

Is part of the disappointment simply knowing that we now have to make a new choice, take another chance? Probably.

Yet, the farther away I walk from closed doors, the more sure I feel.

I’m walking toward something exciting. I’m walking toward doors that will be open– the surprise is part of the journey.

And I don’t need a magic key. I don’t need to do anything special to make it open.

When the time is right, those doors are just open. Sometimes we are the ones to leave.

And some doors never close for us– they are a natural fit.

All I need to do is be willing to see an open door. To walk away from closed doors.

And stop worrying about if THIS door is the right door at the right time.

Just see it, walk toward it

Appreciate this door, enjoy the possibility.

And maybe walk inside, toward something even better.


4 comments on “The Closed Door

  1. Such wise words! What a powerful lesson 😉

    • Took me A LONG time, and a lot of time staring at too many doors that have been closed for way too long, to get there. 😉 But thanks, glad to connect with someone else (you!) because of those lessons.

      Remember that you deserve nothing less than an open door!

  2. One of my favorite sermon quotes was referencing Noah’s ark and God shutting the door to it: “God never shuts a door to keep you from paradise. He does it to keep you from drowning in the rain on the other side.”
    Love reading your blog! When your door comes, you’re gonna rock it!!

    • That is awesome– what a perfect story to fit right into this! I’m with you girl, we just gotta trust that door was shut for our own good and enjoy the safety inside the boat until the rain stops. And when God opens the door again, we can be happy and relax!

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