Solitude, Tacos and Our Lady of Guadalupe

It was quiet, hardly any customers. It was before the dinner rush set in.

I had brought my gray suede journal with me and was writing on the first page. I felt a bit lonely.

The hostess sat me at a small table next to the wall. Maybe that’s why I noticed— I took the chair facing the entrance. She was directly in my line of sight.

Seeing a statue of the Blessed Mother isn’t really a surprise in a Mexican restaurant– it’s a culture steeped in Catholicism with a strong devotion to Mary in particular. But it’s interesting that I’m only just noticing it– after being a regular customer for several years.

And this statue is beautiful in a quiet, dignified way– Our Lady of Guadalupe, a popular Marian image. Some months ago, I met a woman with a tattoo very similar to this version of the Blessed Mother.

I notice that I see these images of her at times when I feel troubled– and I’m almost always alone.  I’ve been praying to her more the past 1.5 years.

She was underneath the specials menu, on a pedestal. Not commanding your attention. I was comforted to see her there.

Maybe my heart is opening more, and now I’m more receptive to noticing her.

Whatever the reason, I want to share this picture with you.

Open your heart, and maybe you’ll see her somewhere unexpected too.



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